The Critical Guide To Delivering Valuable Content Marketing Strategy [With Examples]

It’s easy to get lost in marketing strategies and forgot the humans, audience that you are to create content for. Your marketing guru has a guru who has a guru…complicated as it is. On whose rules should you run your valuable content marketing? Well, you aren’t about to add another strategy to the long complicated list. This article explains the critical guide to delivering your content marketing strategy with practical examples.

5 critical guides to delivering valuable content marketing strategy

Content marketing essentials

There are basics to content marketing strategy. From identifying your target customer to knowing their pain points, and others, all strategies are useless without them. Below are the 5 guide to delivering a valuable content marketing strategy.

1.      Identify the targets of your business

Ask yourself this question: Who are my customers?

Brainstorming session

That’s the first thing to do immediately you have a business idea. The business idea is just as useless if there’s no one willing to pay for it. If you are able to identify your customers, it becomes easier to plan and design your content marketing strategy.

Look at this: A clothing line for corporate female wears would have career ladies between ages 19 – 35 as its potential customers.

A business idea out to sell software testing tools would have CEO of B2B software companies as potential customers.

2.      What are your targets pain points?

Whether for profit or not, businesses ideas should solve problem. That’s the first step to being heard in a competitive market. Put yourself in your targets’’ shoes, you also would jump at potential solutions to your problem.

Based on demographic information like education, economic power, age, career, location, and psychographic information like values, attitudes, emotional triggers, etc. you need to identify their desires, problems or frustrations which your business solves.

There are survey tools that you can leverage to capture the demographics of your potential customers and their pain points. As much as you can, streamline your survey questions to your business idea.

3.      Determine your best content format

There are many content formats. This includes written text such as web content, blog articles, magazine articles, brochures, newsletters and deeper content like white papers and eBooks. There are also more sensory/visual types like images, graphic, info graphics, podcast/audio, video, live chat, and more.

You may not be able to execute all the types, especially if you lack the budget of multinational companies. Pick one, two or more and focus on them. A format may be more appealing to your targets than the other. Watch out for the format they engage with the most and invest more time creating it. Other formats are secondary.

4.      Identify your targets’ best channel

Where are your targets’ best concentrated? That’s where you should be on the internet except you have to capacity to fit your content for all channels.

As a startup, you may have to stick with exploring the most concentrated first and expand soon as you have the human and capital resources to explore other channels. If your targets enjoy watching videos to reading; they are more likely to spend time on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

5.      What’s your funnel for conversion?

Every content marketing strategy has its goal. Build your email list? Sell your products? Encourage book download? Sell a course or training program? Sign up for a free trial? And more. Your content marketing should have a structure that enables this, known as CTA – call-to-action.

More importantly, be specific with your CTA. Never leave your targets wondering what they are supposed to do after reading your article or watching your video.

Practical Examples To Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy

Business A: Medical IT supplier

Medical equipment

Business goals: To be the most reputable and trusted dealership in medical equipment

Targets: Hospitals and secondary healthcare centres

Pain points: Chief medical directors and doctors are tired of spending on medical equipment that isn’t durable. Plus, they want equipment that creates the right comfort needed for patients’ recovery.

Content marketing examples:

  1. [Blog]: 7 Things You Most Likely Don’t Know About Buying Medical Equipment
  2. [Video]: Top 5 medical equipment brands you can trust and why
  3. [Info graphics] 3 most important things you should look out before buying ECG Machine

Call to action: Content should have a CTA. It shouldn’t always be about selling. It could be link to an opt-in form for more valuable content. Or to call a medical IT expert for enquiry.

Business B: Content Writing Agency

Business goal: To be the #1 choice for content marketing services

Targets: eCommerce stores

Pain points: Targets are worried about just creating content for content’s sake. They are interested in valuable product description. That is, content that emphasizes the deeper benefits of their products while boosting sales.

Content marketing examples:

  1. [Blog articles]: How to use content marketing to 10X your sales in 90 days
  2. [Video]: 3 essential content marketing tools for eCommerce stores
  3. [Blog]: 5 important questions you should answer before advertising your products.

Call to action:

The blog articles should include an opt-in form to get more valuable content marketing tips via email.  The video can end with a number to call for free consultation.

Bottom line,

This critical guide to designing valuable content marketing strategy has been created to make your marketing efforts easier. To get it right, start with understanding your what and how as demonstrated in the examples. Study the guide and take action. If you need a further guide, come here.

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