Let’s clear something up,

Content is king.

A business that does not create content regularly will suffer. Perhaps, die an untimely death. That shouldn’t be you. It’s time to seek positioning with valuable content.

But whenever business owners are encouraged to create content, they have these set of beliefs of how content has to be some long paragraphs of text published on blog only with links shared across social media platforms.

While blog articles are great way to create awareness about a brand and position it, it’s not the only way. Content marketing is not restricted to one path. And as you will soon learn in this article, there are many ways to create content for your business. You don’t have to create content the normal way because

1.     Give out a valuable information/tips/hacks around what you sell or do

One of the concerns people have about sharing valuable information is this: Will they still come to me when I give them valuable info?

You should begin to see valuable information as a way of showing your expertise. And building awareness about your business. When people see you as an expert, they will be able to trust you to give them only best.

Take for example:

  1. You sell classy shoes. Then you decide to create a topic on, “5 Things You Most Likely Don’t Look Out For When Buying Shoes” (insert your product or service here).


 5 Things You Most Likely Don’t Look Out For When Buying Shoes

  1. Check inside the shoes for any tags or material that might irritate your feet.
  2. Is the sole firm enough to protect from sharp objects?
  3. Don’t depend on size. Walk around in them to feel for pinch.
  4. If you love to wear socks with it, have the socks on while testing it.
  5. If one of your feet is larger, buy the one that fits the larger foot.
  • Let’s say you run a pharmaceutical company

Topic: Top 4 Things To Look Out For When Buying Nutritional Supplements

  1. Confirm that the manufacturer is legal and has integrity for medical research and development.
  2. Look for stamp of authority organizations in health.
  3. Check the ingredients and confirm it’s backed by research
  4. Don’t buy without asking a pharmacist.

See how brief and short they are in the form of listing? You can even put up as text on images if you know how to use Canva.

What other topics can any business talk on? (Note: Some of the topic ideas lean towards certain products/services. The reason is because they were culled from my paid content creation training for business owners. What you should do is replace the product/service with yours.)

  • How to ease heel pain
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Buying….
  • How Not To Waste Money When Buying….
  • 3 Doubts You Should Clarify About ….
  • How Not To Lose Money When Buying ….
  • 4 Reasons Your …. Don’t Last
  • Proper Storage Tips For Foodstuffs (you can mention the kind of foodstuff)
  • 5 Mistakes That Will Cause Your Food To Waste
  • How To Save Time When You Need To Buy Foodstuff
  • Best Way To Cook Local Nigerian Rice
  • 4 Unbelievable Benefits of Knitted Wears For Your Baby
  • 5 Reasons You Should Own Knitwear
  • 3 Things You Should Look Out For When Buying Knit Fabric
  • 7 Best Crochet Outfits For Ladies This Summer
  • 4 Questions You Should Answer Before Jumping On A Footwear Trend
  • 6 Expert Advice You Should Follow In Buying Building Materials
  • How To Save Time & Money When Buying Building Materials
  • How to select the right building materials
  • 3 Facts About Teletherapy That You Need To Know
  • Teletherapy: 5 Reasons To Consider Online Counseling
  • 5  Questions You Should Ask Before Buying  A Cake
  • 5 Common Myths/Misconceptions You Should Clarify About Cake
  • Health: 7 Ways Eating Cake Will Benefit Your Life
  • 7 Content Creation Strategy for small business owners
  • 3 Digital Skills That Will Change Your Life Faster

Continue to create content around topics like that and people would rather buy from you than another person who only shoves pictures of products at people’s face on social media.

NOTE: Use pictures of your products when doing this kind of content. For example, if you are talking about 5 Things You Should Know When Buying Heels, you should post pictures of the heels you have in stock in-between.

2.     Show yourself stocking new products at the market

This is about hype. And you can never overdo it. Some people call it noise or show-off. Please, don’t mind them.

Carry your business on your head. Create awareness for your products even before you take possession of them.

If you are at the market to buy new cloth materials, new hairs, new jewelries…do a short video of yourself testing out the quality.

Caption with something like: “Out in the market to get the best for my customers. Quality materials only”

How does this apply to a service-based business?

Since the effectiveness of your service is based on your knowledge and training, when you are learning new things that would help you serve your clients better, show it off without apology. Like that new class you are taking, like the new book you just bought, that workshop/seminar you are attending, like the new tool, like the new certificate you just earned.  Show it off using the appropriate caption. Talk about your experience taking the training and how it will help you serve your customers better.

I remember when I enrolled for an online course in Marketing & Communications. From the moment I paid for it in dollars, taking the classes, and downloading my certificate, I talked about it and how it’d help me serve my customers better. Even my clients who were on my WhatsApp list then congratulated me and were proud that I keep learning.

3.     Picture or video of your what they bought from you or the customer using your product

This is going to be quite hard for business owners who don’t build relationship with their customers. They just want to sell and move on.

If this is you, learn to be a friend to your customers. It’s also about how you treat the customer before/during/after they bought from you.

You will always get the energy you give.

So, when you sell, ask them to share photos with you. And when they post online, ask them to tag you or your business.

Note: Not everyone likes to show online what they have bought. So, don’t be disappointed when you ask some people to send you pictures or tag you when they post on Twitter/Facebook/IG but they don’t.


4.     Share a picture of yourself at work

This is another content creation idea that business owners take for granted. Don’t be restricted.

C’mmon, open your eyes and see the content ideas you are leaving on the table. Whether you are attending to your customer, packaging what a customer bought for delivery, or designing/creating what your customer asks for… these are content ideas.

My business is service-based. When I’m creating for a client, I take pictures of my laptop’s screen to show the title of the project and a few lines/paragraphs.

If you are a designer, take a screenshot of what you are designing. Add a short caption to explain what it’s about, etc. 

Post pictures of your office/work space. Post picture of your work tools/resources talking about how they help you deliver quality to your clients.

While this content creation tip is about using pictures, don’t forget the need to take quality pictures. Because quality pictures attract quality clients.


5.     Do a throwback memory… #ThrowBackThursday, you know?

Here, you can tell a story of when you were about to start the business or when you first started. It could be about your fear of starting. Or a very short piece about your growth process.

Mind you, it doesn’t have to be long.

Just a content creation tip to show yourself as humane, to put up your face as “the person behind the business”.

Here, your story telling skills, though it doesn’t have to be as Chimamanda Adichie’s will do justice.


6.     Use news and trends in your industry

Trends and news based on authority and research are great ways to create simple content.

If the prices of your products are increasing or projected to increase or the materials you use in making them are becoming scarce, talk about it on your platforms.

Scarcity and potential price increase is a content creation idea. At this time, before are desperately looking to buy. And you need to be positioned with the right content.

For example, if your business is importation of gadgets and it’s influenced by increasing dollar rate to naira, you can say something like this:

As the value of naira keeps dropping against dollars, gadgets (mention the name) are increasing too fast. As a buyer, it hurts. But we have to keep buying to meet our customers’ demands. Have you been thinking about buying a gadget (identify the specific gadget here), now is the best time to buy.

Don’t forget to quote an authority to support your claim.

According to XYZ, the value of naira to dollar will be NXXX/$1 by (month). 

That means, by November 2021, the washing machine (mention the most purchased/popular brand of that gadget) sold now at #70,000 will be #120,000.

Of course, I don’t know about gadgets or the naira/dollar. I’m just creating a scenario.

Still on the scenario above,

For example, as prices of food continue to increase; many families are learning to eat at 1-0-1 or 0-0-1 ration. Even if you can’t solve this problem as a farmer or foodstuff seller, you can advise people on the kind of foodstuffs to buy and eat more to maintain the nutritional needs of their body system. What are these kinds of foods? Talk about them, the ingredients of the food, and benefits.

People have used the strategy many times over and it is yet to fail.

If you are a digital marketing skills advocate, and you want to build interest in learning digital and tech skills and you come upon a national newspaper frontpage or research report that says something like:

By 2023, there will be high demand for Nigerians with tech/digital skills – Elon Musk says

By 2022, people without digital/tech skills will be out of jobs – NBS

What would you do with it? You see, there are resources for content all around you.

I remember making two sales in a day when I posted a screenshot that says that the price of that product would increase by 5k in a week’s time. It was bought by the same people who had said the existing fee was too high. I hope you get my point.

You can use this for any type of business or service.

Read more: Content Marketing Best Practices For Business Owners

7.     Use Testimonials/Reviews

Have you ever bought an item from someone because you saw what another person is saying about them and their product?

Well, that’s the power of social proof. What is called testimonial/review. And it’s a great content marketing technique you can use to build awareness and create interest in what you sell.

When your customer is happy about what they paid for, they will be more than willing to give you testimony. So ask them.

See samples of testimonials received via WhatsApp and mail from some of my clients and students:

Student’s testimony for content creation class by Rachael Ogunmuyiwa
Client’s review for Rachael Ogunmuyiwa

8.     Do a question and answer section

What are the kinds of questions people ask you when they want to buy? Do a Q & A Section on it.

For example, if I want to buy jewelry, I’d want to know if fades or turns color. I’d want to know the self-care routine. If it’s going to require a lot of self-care, I would be turned off probably because I don’t have time. If it’d fade after a long time, I’d want to know what I can do.

And these are these are the kind of questions that a jewelry seller can answer alongside posting pictures of jewelry. By providing answers even before I ask you, you are helping me save time.


9.     Ask  questions around your business/service

This is a way to add fun to your business. Let existing and targeted customers feel like they are part of your business. Like they already know you.

Questions like:

  • What do you look out for buying anything online?
  • Have you ever bought____ (insert your product/service) online? What was your experience?
  • It doesn’t have to be around your business. Who is that person that inspires you? Mention their name and say what you think makes them amazing. What decision has made the biggest difference in your life?

This tip is based on the marketing fact that people don’t care about you or your business unless they know how much you care about them.

Or, are you not drawn to people who ask you questions and pay attention to you?

Note that the goal of this tip is for them to see you as not just someone trying to sell, but someone they can talk to, have fun, and relate with.

10. Fun facts & weird questions project (Entertainment)

You don’t have to create content by yourself. Your customers are useful resources. Plus, it’s a content strategy that positions your business as “we care about our customers.”

It could go this way: 

  • If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?
  • If you were not single/married (depending on the person’s status), where would you be?
  • Tell us one truth and one lie.
  • What’s your favourite TV show?
  • What do you like about ___ (your business name)?

This kind of content helps you to create awesome experience for your customers. But it is more than making that customer like you or your business more. It’s about them introducing your business to their contacts and giving your business exposure when they reshare your content of them with their people. This could bring you new and more customers.

Of course, you will need their picture and minimal but quality design to do this. If possible, only use a picture of them wearing what you sold to them.

11. Organise a contest or promotional offer

This is a subtle content creation + marketing strategy. Contest or promotional offer can help you attract new customers, build awareness and drive sales.

Some of the requirements can be:

  • Create a 1 minute video talking about how you use/rock our product. The most creative gets 15% discount on all purchases through December.
  • If you want to promote images of your customers wearing your designers, you can create a contest in which the 3 best photos get a gift.

The requirements might be: post on your IG or Twitter with about 30 words on what you like about us and the product and tag us, numbers of likes, comments, and shares. And before you know it you are building awareness that could drive potential sales.

Contest or giveaways don’t have to be expensive. But if your concern is about taking from your business, remember that it takes money to make money. This strategy has its reward.

12. Customer Appreciation Content (CAC)

Always thank your followers and celebrate them on special occasions. Make them the face of your brand on their special occasion.

Make your customer feel loved and you’ll stay in their mind forever.

Do you know your customers’ birthday? Do random shout outs to them on social media and tag them even if it’s been long they’ve bought from you.

So what?

Your struggle with content marketing has just been taken care of.

If you have followed through this post, then you are ready to invest the effort and time needed to grow your business fast with content.

J ahead and create content. If you need any further help, chat with an expert content marketer now.

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