Content Writing Business: How To Build Deep Relationship With Your Clients

As a freelance writer, writing is your business. And no matter the level you are at – entry, intermediate or expert, you should model your business properly.

Being a freelance content writer isn’t an excuse for handling your business with levity. Except you have no long-term plan for your skill.
You know, it’s like a self-employed who thinks he has no boss. Unfortunately, he does even if he’s blind to that fact. The clients who pay, the institutes/regulatory bodies (if there are) who monitor and review activities in his industry are the boss.
Now, as a freelance writer, your clients are your priority. Content is king. And you -the writer- is the kingmaker. Your client will, in one way or the other, always need valuable content to meet the informational needs of his existing customers and targets.

But you shouldn’t take it for granted that they’ll always come to you or that there’s no other option out there for your client.

You need to nurture your client even when he’s not patronising you. You need to build a deep relationship with your clients. In this article, you will find tips on how to build deep relationship with your clients.

How To Build Deep Relationship With Your Clients

  1. Go extra mile with the delivery
  2. Check on their content results
  3. Check up on them
  4. Support their business
  5. Offer free resources

Go Extra Mile With The Delivery
There are many content writers out there – quite competitive. If you keep delivering poor content to your clients, you will soon be out of business.

The key to building deep relationship with your clients is doing more than they ever anticipate. And here’s a warning: Even though your client doesn’t know much about content marketing, never under deliver.

Valuable contribution should be your call all the time.

Your client may not know about keywords optimisation. Skimmable and conversational writing. Your client may not know about storytelling and other content creation strategies. It’s on you to suggest these to your client instead of getting concerned about money.

Believe me, your client may not know how much you have put – beyond the money he paid – but someone who knows may see this and seek your service as a result.

Check On Their Content Results
Okay, it may be none of your business. But it will always be to your merit if the content you have created for your client is doing well with the content marketing strategies your client uses.

Show concern. Ask about the engagement level. Ask about conversion rate. Ask about the result from the goals. You know, you can also always use this result to improve on your content creation effort for the client? Or make recommendations.

Check Up On Them
No relationship should end with the payment of writing service fee. Even if it’s just a one-time project, no other value compares to a customer you have already.

At best, don’t wait till your customer has another job for you before you put a call through. Call to check up on them. Show that you care; message, call or send gift on the occasion of important events.
It’s a subtle message you are passing across. And every human understands and appreciates that kind of gesture. We all feel good knowing someone cares about us – no matter how small or where it’s coming from.

Support Their Business
If their business doesn’t prosper, they won’t patronise you.

The question is: how can you support your clients’ business?

Patronise their business. Share the content. Or aren’t you proud of your effort? Bring customers their way. Introduce them to valuable companies if you have the network.
These are simple strategies that cost nothing.

Offer Free Resources
Clients shouldn’t benefit from you only when you are paid. There’s a great reward in going the extra mile. Yes, do more than!

There’s nothing wrong in giving content creation materials to your clients’ staff members. There’s nothing wrong in opening their eyes to how they can leverage their employees as content creators.

What’s your fear? They might know it all and stop patronising you. Well, maybe. But there’s one more certain thing: they will trust you more to have their best interest at heart. And that trust strengthens your relationship.

For example, a client of mine said he was having issues with effectively using LinkedIn. So, I gave some materials on LinkedIn Profile Optimisation. Shortly after, he still contacted me to create some content about LinkedIn for his blog.
What’s the point: You never lose by giving.

Bottom line
As a content creator, you must keep your existing customers close. Of course, nothing lasts forever. But you should do your best to be of great value as long as it lasts.

Always deliver valuable content.

Check up on their content marketing results. Show that you care. Support their business. And offer free resources.
When last did you hear from your clients? Put a call through now.

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