Content Marketing: What Are The Content Creation Options Available For My Business?

Content is asset. Your business is either investing in it or not.

Content is asset

That being said, there is a lot of impediment to launching an effective content marketing strategy for most business. First, it’s either execs are finding it hard to understand why a content strategy is needed. After all, the numbers are coming in. On the other hand; it may be the lack of budget to meet the needs. But then, it doesn’t have to be hard.

Leveraging employees is another cost-effective approach.

What if the resources required to launch an effective content marketing strategy are available but you would rather have the employee focused on their jobs description?
Then, you should consider the options available for your business to meet its content creation strategy.

  1. Build your in-house team
  2. Hire freelance content creators
  3. Contract a writing agency

Build your in-house team

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Do you want your business to totally be in control of its content strategy? Then, this option will work best for you. Well, as long as you have the budget because this option is usually expensive.

Among other things, when you recruit your in-house content creators and build them up as part of your team, it becomes easier to establish a unique brand voice across all the platforms that your business exist.

Also, this option comes with the ease of communication. Since, the writers are also part of your organisation, unhindered level of communication is established.
Working from within helps the writers to understand the business industry, your brand and its culture that need to be uniquely expressed in your content style.

However, this requires training the content writers at first, which could just be another expense. Remember it’s been said that this option is usually expensive?

Hire freelance content creators

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Struggling to meet the financial needs of in-house content creation? Then, you should consider hiring content creators on a freelance basis. This saves you from exorbitant bill.

But you’d need to spend adequate time explaining how your business operates, your brand’s culture and voice, content goal and audience, among others. And don’t forget that, depending on the level of your content need, you may need to hire more than one freelancer.
When you also consider the administrative duties you need to perform; working with freelancers could be tough.

As has been said, this is a good option if you are struggling with meeting the budget launching an effective content marketing campaign for your business requires. Freelancers are usually affordable. Don’t hesitate if you can give the time required to work with freelance writers.

Contract a writing agency

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Contracting a content marketing agency is the pillar for businesses looking to hire freelance writers but lack the time to meet the managerial duties that come with it.
A typical writing agency helps your business to recruit writers, train them and oversee management and control on your behalf.
This means the writing agency understands your brand’s voice and culture as well as your style guide. Once the agency understands those, it becomes easy to hand over control while you focus on growing the business in other areas.

You should note that contracting a writing agency is usually more expensive than hiring your freelance writers directly. But when you don’t have the budget required for building in-house content writers and you are not down to directly managing freelance writers, this is a good option for you.

Important Factors To Consider Before Picking Your Content Creation Options

Beyond the options of building your in-house writers, hiring freelance writers or contracting a writing agency, you need to consider some important factors.

For the business:

  1. Your content goal
  2. Your Style Guide

On hiring a writer:

  1. Industry knowledge of the writer
  2. Creativity
  3. Flexibility of the writer

Content Goal
It’s a dangerous thing to create content without any goal. By all means, understand the reason you even want to create content before you start. Are you creating content to rank at the top of search result pages (SERPs), to boost social media engagement, to educate your customers and targets, or what have you?

With a content goal, it becomes easier to have your writers guided in what they write and how they write it.
By the way, an experienced writer will ask what your content goal is in case you forget to mention in it your brief.

Your Style Guide
Apart from having content goal, you need to clearly define the principles that must lead your content across all platforms – traditional or digital.

Your content style guide should clearly give instructions on the use of tone, voice, punctuation, word, case, sentence and paragraphing, image, and so on. With a well-documented style guide, you wouldn’t need to spend excessive time training your writers on how content should be created.

Plus, this helps your content pattern to align across all platforms.
Industry Knowledge Of The Writer
The business of content creation is too valuable to be left in the hands of any kind of writer. This is vital especially if you don’t have enough time to train hired writers about your industry and manage them. Look out to hire specialists instead of generalists. But be ready to pay for the rate of a specialist. A specialist is familiar with your target industry and audience.

By no means is this an insinuation that freelance writers who are generalists aren’t no good for your business. It’s all about the technicality of your industry. If you prefer a writer with general writing base and can afford to train them, don’t hesitate.

Creativity Of The Writer
What role does creativity play in content writing? Content creation is more about creativity. And by creativity, we mean the ability of a writer to attract and sustain your reader with not just what is said but also how it’s said.

While it’s not a poetic rendition, novel or drama, a good writer should have a creative gene that helps with being exciting and compelling. Well, it can be learnt over time.

Flexibility Of The Writer
As said above, anything can be learnt over time. Above all else, what you should look out for is the flexibility of the writer. Whether it’s an in-house writer or freelance writer, what matters is the willingness of the writer to adapt to your industry, your content style guide and make revisions where necessary.

So, what’s it gonna be?

Content marketing is simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Resources like time, finance and content goal have to be considered along the line.

That’s why you have three content creation options to choose from. Understand what works best for your content creation strategy.
Above all else, don’t forget that content creation is a process.

Don’t be unreasonably hard on yourself or your writers. Invest in creating quality and valuable content for your audience and you will definitely have the results that align with your business goal.

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