Content Marketing Tips For Start-ups: Tips For Creating Valuable Content At No Cost

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Put the informational needs of your targets first and it won’t be difficult to convert them into your customer.

But when we talk about meeting informational needs like blogging and social media marketing, it seems difficult for business. Especially when owners would rather focus on growing the business. Even in large companies, selling content marketing to the execs could be hard.

Put the informational needs of your targets first and it won’t be difficult to convert them into your customer.

What’s really stopping your business from meeting the informational needs of your customers? Whatever your answer is speaks greatly on what growth means to you and your organisation. Take it or leave it.

What is growth without content marketing?

If any business must grow, content marketing is important. Even when you are yet to sell, what goes into your blog site and social pages counts for whose attention you attract and nurture. Besides, a product with all the perfect features won’t sell itself. Someone has to put words out there about it – directly or indirectly.

Plan with all the diligence – invest in execution – and your business will fly. With time.

But you are busy. And you probably don’t have the finance to hire a content marketing agency or some freelance writer. Then, your employees all claim they don’t know how to write and you agree with them. After all, you are not leading by example either.  Don’t worry, we can make all the excuses for you.

So, what do you do? Let’s look at tips you can use to leverage internal strength. No time wasted. No spending of resources you don’t have.

1. Make content creation the business of everyone.

2. Interview or hold interactive sessions with your employees

3. Work experience sharing on social platforms

4. User-generated content

Make Content Creation the Business of Everyone

Content creation is not sophisticated and drawing your employees into it is a great content marketing strategy. Since they understand your core values and mission, it’d be easier for them to serve customers’ informational needs.

When you bring such discussion to the table, they might be reluctant. So, be open about the organisation’s content production needs and what may be stopping you from hiring an agency or a freelancer.

Then, make it easier for them by getting them trained on the basics of content production. We are here have help.

Now this: The excuse that most give, including the CEO, is that they don’t know how to write. Close to it is the defeatist mindset they already have. The what -I-put-down-won’t-make-sense kind.

What should you do? Encourage them to write as it comes, every other thing will be taken care of during the editing process. It’s the editor’s cup of tea.

Interviews or Interactive Sessions

Every day work conversations among members of an organisation is an untapped treasure for content creation. During board meeting, brainstorm session and so on, you can discover inspiration for your blog.

If you haven’t been recording your meetings and presentations, start doing so. At the same time, you can organise video sessions with the key players in your company to speak on relevant subjects.

You should also note that some of those who claim to not know how to write may probably do well with speaking. In this regard, the content format you can take advantage of are video recording, live streaming, and podcast.

Don’t sleep on it.

Work Experience Sharing on Website and Social Media

Your employees have a lot to say about their job description. Give them the chance every day to talk about their experience, colleagues/customer relations, problem-solving projects, work-life balance, teamwork, lessons, etc.

Whether in writing or through video recording, give your team members the opportunity to be human in the midst of their job. Let their contacts know you, your business, and every other employee. With the right organisational culture, job satisfaction and conducive work environment, your team members will always be proud of the brand they work with.

Encourage them to be socially active. And let them tag the company and other team members in their posts.

Don’t forget to repost.

User-generated Content

A satisfied customer is a reservoir of content.

Before and after solving their problem, with their permission, you can create white papers and case studies. You can turn their testimonial into a blog article, social media posts and/or newsletter.

And all these could come from comments on your blog and social media posts as well as response to your newsletter.

Final thought,

If you can invest in hiring out a certain percentage, if not all,  of your content marketing to an agency or freelancer; don’t hesitate.

Help is always available. At DigiTrack Media, we help busy businesses create valuable content to meet the informational needs of their customers and targets, and promote brand awareness. Contact us today for a consultation.

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