Content Marketing: This Guide Will Help You Optimise Conversion Rate

Your content marketing strategy has failed to optimize your conversion rate.

You invest in SEO keywords. You keep paying content writers and you are beginning to doubt if you’d ever get a good return on investment.

What exactly are you doing wrong?

We are in an internet age of information explosion. You are either sharing value to your targets or you are getting kicked out of their face.

You know, like a salesman who shows up at a beach party wearing suits.

Let’s face it: What the market needs is not another crappy content that’s salesy. What it needs is valuable and customer-focused content. And that’s the only way to grab their attraction amongst the myriad of articles, web content, and sales copy they come across on the internet. And ultimately, convert them based on your objective(s).

You see, if you want your brand to increase its conversion rate, your content marketing strategies must have a strong emotional connection. Since content marketing is at the centre of your target customers’ journey, it’s important that you do it right.

With valuable content.

… that builds a strong customer relationship by giving them valuable tips and resources that solve their problems.

Here are 5 Ways to Write Content for Conversion Rate Optimisation

1.       Optimise Story-telling for your Brand

Research has proven that content marketing is the most productive and progressive form of attracting a dedicated customer and retaining existing ones. It all goes down to using the right content marketing strategies if your business must win at it.

Story-telling is a great strategy at the heart of content marketing. Your brand needs to tell a story that resonates with your targets without digressing from your brand’s objectives.

Don’t you get? Customers are tired of the usual marketing hype. They want valuable content – real-life details that they connect with emotionally. To even keep them interested until they get to the point of conversion, you need to be reasonably personal.

You can learn story-telling strategies with these examples.


2.       Use Diverse Content Marketing Formats

There is too much information to consume in a busy world. Whatever your brand has to say must be said in the best way possible. Articles and blog posts are the traditional means of content marketing, but sometimes, reading long posts could be boring.

Your brand should invest in other strategies. Use different formats in interesting ways. Different content marketing formats are being discovered daily. Your business needs to stop being traditional and start paying attention to trends in content strategies.

Add colour to your effort using the following content marketing formats for your business:

·         Images

·         Videos

·         Infographics

·         Slides

·         Webinars

·         Podcasts

·         Livestream

The goal is to attract your targets while appealing to them visually and helping them manage their time effectively. For example, your target can listen to your podcast while travelling.

May the most creative win.

3.       Give Freely

What you sow you shall reap. The same is true everywhere and your business should be ready to give out “free stuffs.”

Don’t you have a free eBook to give? Some webinar or free courses that can help improve their businesses? Or some downloadable document on subjects close to their hearts?

At every stage along the sales funnel, show them that you care about their growth instead of the ultimate goal of selling that product or service.

Give value freely.

4.       Celebrate your Existing Customers

 You can depend on your existing customers to bring your more sales if your product or service is good, plus you treat them well.

Even in the presence of your enemies, loyal customers will speak for you. Free marketing….

However, you shouldn’t take that for granted. Put in place a system to that compensates for their loyalty.

It could be a gift or a reduction in fees payable.

Don’t you think sending a congratulatory mail letter/ greeting card signed by the CEO for their special occasions like wedding anniversary would be a valuable gesture?

And the more you show appreciation, the more they talk about you before others.

5.       Use A.I.D.A





Using AIDA strategy to guide your content marketing will bring you good results anytime and any day. 

Grab attention with your content and it all begins from the headline. If it is not compelling enough to make readers lean in – click, you may not attract your ideal customers.

Sustain readers’ interest with a strong, interesting and enjoyable introduction. It could be a question that appeals to their emotion or the problem they are facing. It could be a mini-story that they find relatable.

The point is to build their interest so that they can have a desire to read what your business offers at that point and every other day – loyalty.

Be clear about the problem you are addressing. Be specific about the solution and promise. Be friendly.  And personal about it – speak directly to the target using “YOU”. Having built a strong desire, it becomes easier to draw them into the action that leads to conversion.

Yes, your call-to-action must not be missing in content that you put out there.

Is it to make them subscribe to your newsletter?

Tweet or share with a friend?

Drop their details for retargeting?

Download your free eBook?

Your readers shouldn’t get to the end of your content with nothing to do. Your business will only end up losing another opportunity at the tipping point to increase its conversion rate.

You need to have a better CTA. Select the best colour, size, shape and copy for your CTA. Use the strongest action words without being pushy. You can even build A/B test buttons to help you analyse what your targets would click easily.

Finally, when we are talking about content marketing, you need to be a smart content marketer. Have a plan. Be consistent with your effort. If need be, hire a writer – in-house or freelancer.

Content marketing not only compensates brands that give valuable content but also brands that show up every day.

Are you getting results from content marketing?

It can get better! We can help you out. Contact us today for a free content strategy session.

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