Here is the truth: Buyers don’t care about the features or technical specifications of your products/service.

What they really care about is what it can do them, the experience, and the results they will enjoy.

So while the features are part of your products/services and are important to you as the business owner, you should understand what is important to the buyer is benefits.

To put simply,

Features are specifications/characteristics of a product/service. Sometimes, too technical for the prospective who just wants to save time, make money, boost his ego, reduce stress, or any other wants, to understand.

On the other hand, benefits are the experience created through the benefits.

Here is the trick: List the features and look at how that feature will benefit you if you were the customer. Look deeper to the last experience possible. Rinse and Repeat.

“People don’t want quarter-inch bits; they want quarter-inch holes,” Leo McGinneva says.

The reason your customer wants a soft-bristle toothbrush is to avoid gum damage issue.

He or she doesn’t need you to bore them with jargon or technical specifications.

When you make a fine list of features, they are most of the time having a difficult making meaning.

Without wasting your time, let’s look into what it means to turn features to benefits.

Item 1: Clothing

Feature: Fabrics made from cotton or silk.

In this case, the prospective buyer might not even know about fabric materials. But you know what would interest him or her? How that feature benefits them.

Benefit: Fabrics made from cotton or silk, so your sensitive skin won’t be irritated.

Item 2: Phone

Feature: Bluetooth headset

Benefits: It comes with Bluetooth headset that allows you enjoy hands-free music. Rock your best songs while using your hands on other things.

Item 3: Food: Oatmeal, local rice

Feature: High in fibre

Benefits: Contains high fibre to help you eat less and stay satisfied for a very long time.

Feature: Well processed/ de-stoned

Benefit: Rice well-processed so you don’t have to worry about hitting your teeth on sand/stone while eating.

Item 4: Shoes

Feature: Waterproof

Benefit: You can rock it comfortably even when it’s raining all day. (This benefit statement can be applied to any product with that feature).

Item 5: Online class

Feature: Flexibility and accessibility, Social and global diversity

Benefit: a. You can get new knowledge or skill from anywhere irrespective of your time zone

               b. This program not only gives you the opportunity to learn, you will also have the chance to meet and network with students from other countries and culture.

Item 6: Book

Feature: Pitching secret

Benefits: Learn the secret to winning an investor with your business idea so that you won’t struggle to raise capital.

Item 7: Consultancy (service-based)

Feature: Customized delivery

Benefit: Since your needs are unique, you’ll get the best solution to your concerns.

Item 8: Content writing service

Features: story-telling, editing

Benefit: a. Make your readers build bond with you when you tell a story in your content. b. Well-written content that gets your reader glued to your blogsite always.

Item 9: Wristwatch

Feature: Made of stainless steel

Benefit: Never worry about skin irritation when you wear a stainless steel watch.

Item 10: Online Therapy

Feature: Convenience

Benefit: Since you’ll be having your therapy online, you can book for when you are free and available.

Item 11:  Sandals, Shoes, & Bags

Feature: Breathable Leather

Benefit: Sandal made of breathable leather so it feels light, comfortable on your feet and lasts longer.

Item 12: Cardioace Heart Support

Feature: Vitamin B1

Benefits: Contains vitamin B1 to help your heart function well and fight diseases.

Item 13: Cake baking/selling

Feature: All-natural ingredients – Biotin,Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, E, C, D, K, etc.

Benefits: Cake made from all-natural ingredients to give you a healthy heart and boost your natural defense against diseases.


Turning features of your products or service to benefits is simple. It lies in your ability to think deeper and think like your customer.

  1. If I’m buying a human hair instead of synthetic, it’s not just because it doesn’t tangle (feature). It’s because hair that don’t tangle can last like forever (benefit) as long as I can brush and clean it regularly. A hair that can last forever will save me money (another benefit).
  2. If you are selling a delivery service, why would your customer opt for delivery service when it’s possible to come pick their items themselves?
  3. If you are selling a packaging bag or box, why would your customer want to have their goods in a packaged box when they could have opted for nylon?
  4. Why would I opt for a phone with 65 GIG memory space instead of 12 GIG?
  5. Why would I opt for a self-contain room instead of a face-me-i-slap-you? They both have facilities, remember?
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