Content Marketing: Five Mistakes You Must Correct In 2022

The goal of content marketing is to attract, engage, and retain the right audience. And, ultimately, make sales. However, if you don’t know the ropes around the game, you may conclude that content marketing doesn’t work. In this article, you’ll discover the five content marketing mistakes you have been making and the way out of them.

1. You haven’t recognised your target audience

One common content marketing mistake you’re making is thinking that the entire world is your stage and everyone is your potential customer. Sorry, not exactly.

Once you have a solution that could solve one human problem, you need to recognize your target audience. Your target audience has needs. Some things are more important to them than others. Carefully study those needs and be certain of their desire for your solution and capacity to buy it.

Let’s say you have a digital solution to a problem. You’ll find your target audiences are among billions of social media users. But, they are not on all the same social media platforms. They may be more active on one than the other. Find that one primary platform they are most concentrated on and build your presence there.

Online surveys and quizzes, social media listening, and focus group study are ways you can find your target audience.

2. Your content is irrelevant

Relevant content marketing is about giving value to your target audience. The next step after recognizing your audience is to feed them with relevant content. Have a niche you are known for and stick to it in the most dynamic and engaging way.

Attention is money and you can only get their attention when the content is relevant.

Can you market baby wears to young girls in high school? Compared to newly married women and expectant mothers? You have your answer already.

More importantly, choose quality over quantity. When you put quality first, you mostly create relevant content.

3. You think consistency is overrated

Content is king. Consistency is power.

In content marketing, it’s dangerous to come and go at your will. Yes, no one will bother you but you won’t be taken seriously either. People take time to trust, so you have to continually be in their faces with valuable content. Showing up always enforces quick recognition for your brand.

To be consistent, your creativity is essential. You need to market your content as many times as possible leveraging different formats. After creating, for example, a long-form article, you can repurpose your strong points into tweets and create infographics. Use videos, memes, whitepapers, animation, and GIFs to engage your audience.

After all, it is called Content marketing. You can be consistent and not market properly.

4. You have a poor understanding of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables your content to gain more visibility on search engine result pages. One of the easiest ways to start the SEO journey is keywords usage. Keywords are words and phrases that people input into search engines when they need to get information about their wants and needs.

Keywords assist search engines in identifying the topics your content covers. It’s these keywords and phrases that you insert in your headlines and content body.

When you have valuable content with appropriate use of keywords, you stand a great chance of ranking in Google searches related to your business. However, don’t over-optimize by using too many keywords. Also, embedding links in your content will go a long way in assisting your audience. According to Google, internal linking to other pages on your website, and the appropriate use of backlinks can boost SEO.

5. You don’t track and review your performance

Data helps you to make informed content marketing decisions. Everything is guesswork until the data come in. That’s why you need to track and review your content performance.

After implementing the corrections listed above, you need to track your performance. This is a great way to uncover the areas you have done well and the content marketing strategies that worked best for traffic generation.

Tracking and reviewing content performance helps you to know what to do more of and what to do less of. If you must keep replicating your content marketing success, you must be able to tell how you arrived there. Remember content marketing mantra: What is not measured can’t be optimised.

Google Analytics, Buffer, Moz, and Semrush are content marketing analytics tools that are available for tracking and reviewing performance.

Now that you know the game better, your content marketing is about to skyrocket.

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