CONTENT MARKETING: 7 Best Practices for Business Owners

What is marketing without content?

Content marketing will differentiate you from your competition.

You’ll enjoy visibility if your content is found when potential customers use a search engine like Google to find answers to a problem that your product or service can solve.

And while you may have mastered how to create valuable content, it could be a challenge to do it the right way. You need to follow the best practices.

The question is: Are you creating content the right way?

So, what are content marketing best practices? Let’s do this: the

Put Quality First

Content creation for your business is not about the numbers.
For your information, a huge number of content fills the internet daily, which will even continue to rise. That’s why what you put out there must be QUALITY ONLY.

It must be worth the excellence badge.

As those you are targeting have no interest in average content.

Yes, no sympathy.

Whenever you show up with content as a business owner, make sure it’s only the best. You don’t have to create content every day. You don’t have to create unnecessary expectations on the number of publications you should have daily. Is that even possible especially if you are creating the content by yourself?

What’s the point: You may not have time to create content every day or week. And that’s fine if don’t have the resources to hire a content creator. But when you finally create, make sure it’s of high quality.

Have a content plan

Like in life, so it applies in business: He who fails to plan, plans to fail. When some business owners complain that content marketing is hard, it’s they who make it hard by having no plan.

What is meant by content plan?
Content plan is the strategy or direction that your content marketing follows. And this plan should answer what I term the 5W’s and H.

• Why do you want to create content? You need to have a goal.
• Who are you writing for? Yes, you can’t create content for everybody because needs and wants differ.
• When do you create content? Have a schedule.
• What type of content do you want to create? Blog posts, videos, case studies, emails, eBooks, infographics, podcast, webinar, etc. This should also include a clear statement on list of topics.
• Where do you intend to distribute your content to?
• How do you intend to distribute and promote?

Make Readability Your Priority

This applies to written content, especially long-form posts. You must have heard that the attention span of people is very short and that people don’t read long-form posts anymore. That may not be a general truth.

However, whether you agree or not, value and readability are essential.
People want to scan content easily and quickly. Like a preview to see whether your content would be worth paying full attention to.

Note the following tips:
• Optimise white space.
• Use larger fonts. You don’t want your readers squeezing their sights through your page.
• Use bullet points and numbers.
• Break long paragraphs and sentences into shorter ones. Yes, you can have a one-sentence paragraph.
• Can a picture/video/infograph say it better than long block of texts? Then use it.
• Make sure your texts are properly aligned.

Be High on Visuals

Visual communication matters. Visuals appeal and strike faster than you can ever think possible. It helps readers to understand the information better; it strengthens communication.

Also, make sure that you have quality visuals. Highlight parts of your text with the right colours. Some colours attract; some repel. Then, make sure you use high-quality images, videos, etc.

Put a Face to your Content

It’s an era of being humane with your business operations. Take this as a suggestion, but know that it’d help you if you put a face or personality to content creation for your business.

Mind you, it doesn’t have to be you; it could be the face and name of whoever is creating the content at that time, it could even be a fictional name or face.

Like Ope from Cowrywise
Like Bibi from F & K Savings.
Like Itunu, Amara, Abisola, and others, from Utiva, etc.

This is just one of the content marketing strategies that make your business personable.

Win with Email

This is one of the answers to the question of how you intend to distribute your content. Apart from leveraging social media platforms, email marketing is a more unique way of building a list of subscribers who are more interested in your business.

After all, someone who has permitted you to be added to your list must be serious about getting your content. Right?
So, invest in having a list that you can share your content with.

Besides, remember that you have no absolute control over social media platforms? Your account may be restricted, shadow banned or even disabled at any time.

Anything could happen.

Government policies and decrees, like #Twitterban in Nigeria, could alter your social media operations.

And who is to blame?

If you don’t have an email list, work towards building one.

Outsource your Content Marketing

You need to create content for your business.
But the reality is that you may not have the time to spend doing so. Or, you might just lack the skills set needed to create valuable content.

You should shift the duty to a freelancer or content marketing agency that can plan, create, and distribute. To be successful at this, you need to go for a third party that understands your business mission and vision. Well, you have the duty of explaining it to them.

See some of the things you should look out for when hiring a freelancer.

If you have staff members, see how they can create content for the business without stress.

Bottom line,

Content marketing is a critical part of any business marketing plan.
Again, what’s marketing without content? Plus, you can’t create content in a void.

The content marketing practices above will help you to improve your content marketing strategy.

If you have not been creating content for your business because you think you need to have the budget of big and multinational companies, you are doing more harm to your visibility and growth. Good enough, it’s not too late. Speak with a Content Marketing expert now.

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