Content Marketing: 11 Important Tips To Follow When Creating Content For Your Business

A lot continues to change with how content can be created to reach a target audience. There is no hard and fast rule. A company has to look into the characteristics of its targets to eventually decide on what it does and otherwise.

Still, a strategic approach to content marketing remains necessary and marketers can borrow ideas from the conventions of successful content. These conventions demand not just creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content that solves readers’ problems, captures their attention and drives sales for the business. Some call them tricks or tips.

The kind that will always be relevant if everything else changes in a noisy world.

11 Tips To Follow When Creating Content For Your Business

  1. Write for one. If you want your target audience to feel like you care about them and their problems, the best foot forward is to write for one. That’s why you have the first person pronoun, ‘You’.
  • Emphasise the problem and solution. The healthy ones have no need for a doctor. Identifying with your target’s problem show that you care about them. Take it further with a solution. That’s the bomb.
  • Draw your target in with a human interest headline. Avoid generic headlines; be concise by using keywords that draw human interest – emotional reaction.
  • Put a personality to it. If it doesn’t read like someone is holding the writing pen or speaking through a mic, it may come off as boring.  Use a name or face to it. It could be your CEO or one loyal customer whose testimonial is effective.
  • Use adequate whitespace. Whitespace makes it easy for readers to focus on the words on the page, improves concentration as well as comprehension.
  • Keep your paragraphs short. There is content marketing liberty. A sentence, two sentences, etc. can stand as a paragraph. Best advice? Keep your paragraphs between 50 – 100 words.
  • Use questions in your writing. Questions draw in the interest of your readers. By posing questions to them directly, they feel involved.
  • Avoid negative words. For example: loss, death, not, impossible, hate, poor, etc. While I must admit that it’s usually impossible to not use negative words, especially when talking about the problem, try as much as possible to be positive by focusing more on the solution. Tell your readers what to do than what not to do.
  • Keep it simple. The content you distribute needs to be understandable to everyone in your target audience. Simple words make for easy read and concentration.
  1. Use strong real data to support your claims. This includes the voice in your testimonial/proof.
  1. Be creative yet concise. Your attempt to be creative should never run deep into sounding poetic with figurative elements like simile, alliteration, oxymoron, and idiomatic expressions. If your readers are interested in literature, then write them a novel.

In content marketing, there is no right or wrong to creating content that meets the need of your specific audience. But some tips could help as listed above. They are by no means thorough. I can bet you’ll always learn more from content marketing experts if you are yet to.

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