Content is key.

And king as far as marketing your business is concerned. If it weren’t, businesses won’t be ditching out blog content via their sites.

If your business hasn’t been taking advantage of content marketing, you may never know what you are missing until you start.

Specifically, content marketing educates, informs, and create a brand perception in my mind of your targets as they move from one stage on the sales funnel to the other.

Since the ultimate goal of content marketing is conversion, the content that is available on the internet – free valuable content about your business, its product or service, and the problems it solves – will determine whether your targeted customer would change from

“I’m just looking for information,” to “Now, I want to buy.”

 Today, you are going to see how content marketing benefits your business.


Opportunity to be found in Direct Search

In this digital age, every day, people use Google for over 40,000 search queries every second with different intent and your ideal customers are among them.

Here is the deal:

When you put valuable content online through your blog site, you stand a better of being found.

Look at this for example. An internet user has a problem they want an answer to.

They open the web and use Google to search using specific keywords.

“How can I make money from writing?” That’s the problem.

Then, they come across different results (articles, books, videos, e-books) on the search phrases.

Well, Google didn’t create the content showing on the search result pages itself. Some businesses did. And now, they have been found in direct search by a potential customer.

Do the same in the Google search bar and discover many business websites and blogs in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Also, you will find that some sites rank higher than others based on the fact that the content is valuable to your search query.

We can bet that you are not interested in “see more results”.

Takeaway: Showing your industry insight, knowledge and expertise online will make your business discoverable by potential customers.

Competitive Edge

Like it or not, your business is always up against competitors. And it’s only a website rich in valuable content that wins more.

Although, it’s not automatic and it needs saying that there are 200 Google ranking factors. But if you do a good job of optimizing your website with valuable content such as:

·         Tips

·         How-to’s

·         Videos

·         Podcast

·         E-books

·         Books

·         White papers

·         Newsletters, and others

…you win more than a website that fails to publish valuable content consistently.

Put publishing valuable content that makes you stand out among your peers at the centre of your marketing strategies and you will reap massive results.

Chance to Go Viral

If you want your business to travel faster, you should optimize using valuable content.

Yes, referrals are a gold mine. And that’s what you get when you give people searching for information online something to talk about.

Make your content relevant, useful, inspiring, and enjoyable and you would be in their conversations, gists, and tweets.

If you publish valuable content that answers their search intent, they will be inclined to share with their contacts. Well, as long as you don’t forget to tell them the action to take.

Some of the actions you can make them take on your valuable content are “click-to-tweet”, and “share.”


Retainer Right

The ultimate goal of creating value through content publishing is conversion.

From “I’m just looking for information,” a dedicated reader of your blog or newsletter subscriber will eventually reach a point of declaring:  “Now, I want to buy.” And what do you benefit from being at the right place in their search queries and being useful?

They pick you over a similar product at the store.

They recommend your product or service to their contacts.

Cost-effective marketing

A business that doesn’t invest in publishing valuable content is…

Doomed. To. Fail.

No other way around it. Or how do you generate new leads and maintain existing customers if you don’t position your business as an expert in your niche?

And content marketing is the most cost-effective way to do this.

Whatever time and resources you invest in publishing valuable content in your market niche will always come back to you. Growth in brand reputation and sales.

You can either employ an in-house digital marketer to handle your content marketing using various formats across different platforms or you can outsource to an agency.

To make content marketing enjoyable, we usually recommend that organisations make it a part of their business development process. By this, every member of staff gets included. And you save cost on hiring an agency to create content for your blog and social media platforms.

Your employees don’t need to be expert writers before they can create content for your business. Encourage them to write on their experiences and successes in their jobs once a month. This would include problems they handled for customers and the strategies they used to provide solutions. Let them write naturally like they are having a conversation.

There is more:

You can interview them or let your in-house writer interview them on questions related to their job description in your organization. Their responses can be tailored into valuable content in blog posts.

Businesses that meet their objectives invest greatly in content marketing. It’s the foundation of every lead, conversion and sale.

Through your valuable content, pay attention to answering the kind of questions that your potential customers are likely to ask online. Create articles, e-books, videos, infographics, case studies and white papers around these questions.

Successful businesses do two or more of these content marketing formats.

Let your valuable content be in every journey that a potential buyer goes through in a sales funnel.

Now, it’s your turn.

How is your content marketing effort? Is there any way we can help?

Reach out today.

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