3 Simple Content Marketing Strategies To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

Every day, businesses put up new blog post. Everyone is exploring content marketing for their businesses, trying to beat their competitions to it. As direct as content marketing for businesses might seem, a lot of content never reach the targeted customers. This article reveals three simple tips that you can use to get ahead of your competition.

This is beyond keyword stuffing to rank higher in search engine results. For example, there are blog articles optimized with the right keywords yet users read without getting value for their reading time. Irrespective of your content format and goal, the strength of content marketing and getting ahead of your competitions lies in the following:

  1. Keep it simple and specific
  2. Explore relationship marketing
  3. Leverage visual content

Keep it simple and specific

Effective content marketing is simple.

Prospective customers receive tons of marketing messages daily, than they can ever read. On the other hand, they have content that they usually look forward to no matter how busy are. Like the kind of content that come in simple and specific language right from the headline. Many of the sales messages people receive daily mostly contain unnecessary words, complex words, jargon, clichés and fluff. At the end, you may only end up confusing prospects.

It’s best to have a content creation guideline to guide every creator’s effort before they are published and distributed.

Explore relationship marketing

Relationship marketing focuses on enhancing strong relationship and loyalty with your prospective customers. Leverage content marketing to build long-term relationship with your targets. Understand that people don’t usually buy in the first encounter with a brand and/or its products. The goal of content marketing strategy is so that you come to mind first when they are ready to buy. This only happens by relationship marketing strategies such as:

  • sending greetings to existing customers during birthdays and holidays,
  • distributing personalised via email marketing,
  • capturing product usage for use as user-generated content,
  • use of customers’ loyalty rewards programs, and
  • listening to feedback and promptly attending to complaints

Recall how Coca Cola leveraged this strategy with “share a coke with …” campaign in 2011?

Leverage visual content

A picture is louder than a thousand words

Your competitions are probably bent on text-based content like blog articles because it’s the best fit for search engine optimization at the expense of user’s experience. To get ahead of your competitor using content marketing, incorporate different formats especially more of visuals. You can win in both ways – search engine and user’s experience. For example, when you create blog articles, include quality images, videos and info graphics. More than texts, visuals stick to the brain.

Using visual will retain reader’s attention. Plus, do this regularly if you want readers to share your content.

So what?

Content marketing is beyond publishing content because that’s what everyone is doing to win in search engine result pages. An effective content marketing strategy is deliberate about user’s experience and that’s the best way to get ahead of competition. Keep it simple, explore relationship marketing and be high on visuals.

Which other content marketing strategy do you use to get ahead of your competition? Ooops, what makes me think you’ll want to share your secret…

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