11 Simple Ways To Get Your Employees To Become Content Generating Machines

In every business, employees have important roles to play in content creation.

Even if your brand’s content marketing has been outsourced or laid on the shoulder of an in-house content marketer.

Your employees know and see the business, the products, and/or services better. Some of them may say they don’t know how to create content when asked to.

But how true is that?

There are content marketing opportunities untapped because you haven’t created the process. Or because of the misconception, that content has to be so long and perfectly presented in some polished Queen’s English.

The kind of writing that you have to sweat all the time on, to sound smart, and impress it upon the reader that your brand is the best.

Not so hard. Content creation is simple.

Find the content creation tips you can use for your business below:

  1. Take the lead. As a business owner, you should know how to create content. This will encourage your employees to try. You can take a content creation course.

2. Encourage your employees to write down their daily experiences at work whether the flow makes sense to them or not.

3. Create time for the employee-employer roundtable. Here, journals can be assessed.

4. Hire a content marketing consultant to train your staff members.

5. Get an editor on board. An editor can turn what’s said in your employees’ journal into valuable content.

6. Speak with members of the marketing department. Have them make a list of questions they frequently get from clients and the answers they provide. These could be used as FAQs, How-tos on your blog website.

7. A picture weighs about a thousand words. Encourage them to take action pictures in strategic places at work and share them on their social platforms as well as the company’s. For example, while they were attending to customers, taking delivery of new products, etc. Such pictures can be posted online with a short caption that explains the event.

8. Encourage regular presentations or brainstorming sessions by staff, especially heads of departments. These sessions should showcase what you do and how you apply it to solve problems. Cover the sessions in video format or images with valuable excerpts and share (as long as it’s not confidential).

9. Encourage them to talk about their relationship with their colleagues and customers. Let the human angle of your business be seen.

10. Encourage them to talk about how they balance work with life, what they think about their roles in the organisation, etc. Let’s call it something like the humans of (your brand’s name here).

11. Finally and once again, hire a content marketer to train your staff members.

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